Why Solo Direct Mail?

1What is the ROI on Solo Direct Mail?
One of the benefits of direct mail marketing is that the value is easily measured using your projected response rate (number of prospects who will act on your call to action) and ROI (return on investment). For example, our customer Dr. Smile Salott, DDS mails 10,000 postcards (which includes a great offer/discount) to his target audience. With the appropriate call to action, Dr. Salott could expect to see a 1.5 to 2 percent response rate. His customer value is approximately $1,000 per year and we will assume a response rate of 1.5 percent. Dr. Salott would yield 150 inquiries, which typically half become customers. 75 new clients with a customer value of $1,000 per year equates to $75,000 in revenue with an approximate investment of $4,000. Dr. Smile Salott’s ROI is $71,000!
2What is the Average Response Rate for Solo Direct Mail?
A good response rate will vary by business and their marketing and sales goals. The average rate is about 2%, but even a 1% rate is acceptable and realistic. When possible, use your company's historical direct mail response rate as a benchmark. Direct Mail campaigns give a high ROI and can work effectively in a campaign by themselves or alongside a digital-marketing campaign. You can use direct mail to target the right customers at the right time.
3What is an Example of Solo Direct Mail?
Direct mail is marketing material or a product mailed directly to the homes of consumers. Examples include postcards with an offer, newsletters, brochures, or flyers.
4What are the Advantages of Solo Direct Mail?
Creating a solo direct mail campaign is an easy and cost-effective way to maximize your advertising efforts. Direct mail is highly targeted. Each direct mail campaign can be tailored for a specific audience depending on your target consumer. This will not only increase your branding, but it also keeps your company top-of-mind for your potential customers/clients.


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Sending mails to different addresses can be a big hassle because it takes too much time and effort. This is especially hard to do if you’re running a small business where you do most of the work. For example, as a marketing strategy, you need your brochures on your clients’ mailboxes but don’t have the time to manually address each envelope.


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