About us

The Neighborhood Reach, LLC was founded in 2017 by Glenn Taylor and Amber Kubacak, two friends with a passion for advertising and a vision to help other businesses grow and succeed. The Neighborhood Reach (TNR) is a full-service advertising firm with a niche of solo direct mail.  Based in McKinney, TNR helps businesses through many avenues including a one-time solo direct mail piece to a 6- month campaign sent to a targeted area bi-weekly.  The options for solo direct mail are endless and are essentially customized by the client! Because of their commitment to their clients, Glenn and Amber have expanded to meet their clients’ needs by virtually becoming consultants, but without the cost or contract.  In addition to solo direct mail, Amber and Glenn listened to their clients and now provide everything from office supplies including business cards and stickers, to new signage, window decals, brochures, newsletters and promotional items including embroidered tablecloths and banners stands.

What Makes Us Different?

1. Communication. The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines communication as a process by which information is exchanged between individuals through a common system of symbols, signs, or behavior. This is pretty straight forward. So why is it so difficult to get a company’s message across, to exchange information with individuals? It doesn’t have to be. We know a large part of a company’s success is determined on how well you communicate. The Neighborhood Reach will help your company answer the following questions to determine a marketing and advertising plan to ensure your company is successful. You must ask yourself the following questions:

“What does my company have to offer?
“Who is my audience for what I have to offer?”
“When is the ideal time for my clients to take advantage of what I have to offer?
“How am I going to reach my audience with what I have to offer?”

At The Neighborhood Reach, we had to ask ourselves these same questions before forming our own company. Our goal is to help small-medium sized companies become successful and maintain that success and growth. Our belief and passion for The Neighborhood Reach comes naturally because our company battles the same questions and issues that our clients run into. Because we understand what communication is required through the questions we asked ourselves earlier, we are able to work together towards the common goal. Let’s face it. If our customers and clients are not satisfied and do not grow, our customers probably won’t be our customers for long. Working with The Neighborhood Reach includes a team of dedicated employees working towards our common goal. We are happy to offer complimentary education and consultation throughout the process, with no contracts to sign.

2. The Reach. How is The Neighborhood Reach different than any other advertising or marketing agency or firm?:
The Reach. (A form of communication)
Our clients are reaching the appropriate audience.
Our clients are reaching the appropriate audience at the appropriate time.
Our clients are reaching the appropriate audience at the appropriate time and are reaching them the appropriate number of times.

Did you notice the repetitiveness? Repetition is key and our team can help get the word out about your business. In addition to Solo Direct Mail, how else do we get the word out about your business? Please refer to Products & Services at the top of the page.

We save our clients’ money by targeting only specific consumers who are proven to use their products and services, saving thousands of advertising dollars. Our marketing options are limitless.

We are a team with little overhead and a whole lot of love and determination to help neighborhood businesses and friends reach their goals of becoming a solid, reputable, and successful business in their respected neighborhoods.

Let us assist you. It'd be our pleasure.



  • Heather Nitzel
    "Amber cares about her customers and puts forth 100% to make sure she does everything she can to help her customers grow their business."
    Heather Nitzel
  • Aaron Linthicum
    "Glenn and Amber are professional and enjoy doing business with them. Their workmanship is fantastic and very affordable for small business. I recommend Glen and Amber for all your advertising and business needs."
    Aaron Linthicum
  • Parham Akhavan, DDS
    "The best in the business hands down. I have been working with Glenn and his team for the past 5 years and they have helped my business grow tremendously. I have worked with many advertising firms but nothing compares to these guys. They meet all your advertising needs including business cards, mailers, brochures etc. Great customer service. Strongly recommend them."
    Parham Akhavan, DDS
  • John Geren
    "Great Company...Great People!!!! It is awesome to see a great new advertising solution like this out on the market!"
    John Geren